Weird vanilla world glitch


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@Laralishous discovered that her plot and the plots around hers were like a vanilla world.

She did /p home 5 and ended up here.

Just thought I'd let you know!

Also have a home set there, so if anyone wants to check it out while I am online, I may tp you there.
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I flew for a good 5 minutes in each direction and there was only ocean and islands XD

Yea it's supposed to be like that lol. It's a whole separate world within Creative that you can get to by typing /warp islands, but only CG+ can actually own an island.

In the spoiler, i just see white. No coords or anything at all

There's a link in the spoiler that you can click on to see the images she took, it's just the same color as the background so you can't tell it's there until you hover over it.