Towny's Back Up


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As many of you know, Towny has been down the last couple of days. Wanted to give everyone an update and let you know that the issue has been resolved thanks to the work of Zenexer. We're close to solving this issue so it won't happen in the future, but until then, the following towns may have been affected:
- Unity
- SnowVille
- Unleashed
- Faries
Hopefully, this will soon be resolved permanently. Thank you for your understanding.


My apologies for the delay. Rather than simply repairing the database, I wrote a script to ensure that the server doesn't attempt to start Towny when it's likely to end up in safe mode. This should prevent the additional, irreversible corruption that occurs when Towny boots in safe mode (for example, loss of town ranks). It will also significantly reduce downtime, allowing us to resolve the issue in minutes if a developer familiar with MySQL is around. Unfortunately, we won't benefit from the script until next time this happens, meaning that some corruption may have occurred this time.

Additionally, I've narrowed down the source of the problem quite a bit, so I should be able to patch the plugin in the near future. Unfortunately, the developer still seems to be in denial about this issue, so we're not getting much help from upstream.