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Hello all, I am I0wnu4life, by far the most epic person on the entire server, at one point or another.

I am here to talk about the current server, no doubt the server is failing.. Hard. But that doesn't mean Edy and the other staff are not working hard on it, although Edy has more or less given up on the server (IN MY OPINION) the server seems.. to be running okay. But other than that small part the server has tons of problems as I have seen from the forums. The server in general needs a ton more people. So, I suggest we put in suggestions to Edy to make the server better. Minigames, ect. but if Edy doesn't pay attention a lot anymore then the server is already lost. It has been dying for a very long time. I have witnessed it myself. From when Edy bought the server to today. The server has been failing. This doesn't mean that it can't be fixed. It just means that its going to take a long time to get back to the place that the server was originally at. Therefore making it more or less hopeless to move on. But as long as the staff and the players keep fighting on then the server will keep running. I would think so. Unless edy gives up totally and just destroys all the server files. Which I doubt would ever happen, if anything he would give the server away to a staff member and let them bare with all the problems that have been caused.

In conclusion.. The server is almost dead. :/ GG all. GG.

But then again.. I'm just a troll. :)


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I said this in a similar thread, but I didn't word it so well.
What's your reason behind making this thread?
Usually, there's a simple and obvious reason players make threads. The only reason people do stuff on forums is to get something they want, whether it's entertainment, chat with other players (abit of socializing I guess), or because they want something on cowcraft.
This thread, however, won't benefit you in any obvious way, so just wondering, why do you want to convince people the server is ending?
What's your motive for making this thread?
I'm not disagreeing about whether server is losing players, just wondering what's your motive behind making this thread, what do you want/hope to get from making this thread?
Not open for further replies.