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    SkyBlock's reset date was decided only few days before the reset date, didn't have enough time to add everything I wanted. Rest of features will be added in the upcoming update, here's a list of current features:
    • Challenges, to open the menu type /challenges
    • Different type islands, currently two available. More to be added in upcoming update
    • Nether islands, going to nether will generate you a personal nether island
    • Chest shops, sell your stuff to other players
    • Leader boards for island level, mcmmo and balance
    • You can now show off your item using /show while holding item in hand
    • Island warps
    • New spawn
    Here's a list of features in upcoming update:
    • Crates
    • Mob Arena
    • PVP Arena
    • Spawner shop
    • Shop
    • More challenges
    • More island types
    • Vote rewards
    • Auction
    • Spawner mining
    • New rank
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    When will the upcoming update be released?
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