Shiny Pokémon Giveaway!

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I've decided to give away a few shiny pokémon in honor of the 20th anniversary of Pokémon.
This giveaway's winners will be determined in a way similar to MrWhyDoICare's giveaways, in that I will use a random number generator to create numbers between one and one hundred. Entries must include friend codes on your 3DS, a number between one and one hundred, and can contain further comments. The shiny Pokémon that will be given away will be...
Level 5 Tentacool
Moves: Poison Sting, Supersonic
Stats: 19 HP, 9 ATK, 8 DEF, 10 SP. ATK, 16 SP. DEF, 14 SPD
Ability: Liquid Ooze

Level 35 Wailmer
Moves: Mist, Brine, Rest, Dive
Stats: 145 HP, 56 ATK, 36 DEF, 63 SP. ATK, 37 SP. DEF, 51 SPD
Ability: Oblivious

Level 38 Unown, Letter A
Moves: Hidden Power
Stats: 87 HP, 65 ATK, 46 DEF, 71 SP. ATK, 44 SP. DEF, 55 SPD
Ability: Levitate

Each person can earn one shiny Pokémon. However, if someone guesses one of the numbers exactly, then they earn the shiny Pokémon AND a Not-Shiny Darkrai. The winners will be revealed in September.
My friend code is 2938-7674-4827. Add me if you win or if you just want to. If you just want to add me, specify in your entry so I can add you as well.

Good luck!
I can clone Pokémon if need be, though you'd have to send me your friend code and we can exchange them, if you want to give out more. I have tons of battle ready lv 100 shinies, and have a youtube channel set up for giveaways.
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