RvB Maps


Hello lady cows and gentlecows,

This forum will be about RvB Maps. If there going to be different maps like kitpvp in the minimum of 30 minutes. They will have to be different maps. I am not going to say any of my Ideas, but yours!

So if you see this forum please read and share what you think or an idea

Thanks for your time


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I believe the RvB plugin is nearly done. No ETA on release date yet.

As for maps, there are already a fair amount of them. Some are from the previous RvB, some are new.


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I liked all the maps on RvB, but sometimes I didn't feel playing like the big map where you have to build a bridge to get to the enemy island, or whenever there was some map that I didn't like, I just went to the other RvB server.


I liked the one where you mined to get to other people. I always crafted stairs :p

Ha i did too i would always buy the op swords untill they took em out and enderpearl over there i would also make a big hole so people could get to me ya i was that annoying person


RvB is going to be renamed into CowClash. CowClash will have more "cow" features, one of gamemodes will include cows. So you will see a cow instead of a player, mooshroom cows vs normal cows.