Report for FightingFox295 and RecklessTwin

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I got on the Cowcraft server and I read chat to see what is going on. I read chat and they were talking about if dyslexia is a disability, I went from facts not opinions and said yes and to show sympathy to them, I told them about my disability. and then FightingFox295 said to me that I was cyber bullying him; which I was not because he asked if it was and I responded. he also said I was disrespecting staff which was a lie because staff at that time was afk. (Until I called him) Then he said I was calling him stupid which I was not, and if you don't believe me then you could check Console if whomever is reading this. And a trainee, RecklessTwin punished me with a mute for 5 minutes which was not necessary because I wasn't spamming, and I was wrongfully punished by this staff member. FightingFox295 lied twice to staff and RecklessTwin punished me wrongfully and I wish there to be justice restored in this issue. Thank you to whomever is reading this and have a great day!


After reviewing the server logs:

These situations are very stressful for staff. We can see that people are upset and something is wrong, but it's not easy for us to tell who started it, or who's being the most offensive. Often it's just a misunderstanding that has escalated. From our perspective, there's no clear solution to these problems.

RecklessTwin is a new staff member in training. A situation like this would have been particularly difficult for him to handle. He did the best he could by trying to work it out with you via chat, then eventually muting you for five minutes--a negligible duration.

It's possible that a more experienced staff member may have been able to resolve the matter without muting anyone. However, it's also your responsibility to be respectful of staff--even when you think they're wrong--and not to get confrontational. We also expect that you'll have some level of understanding when you see the "Trainee" tag.

Remember, staff are people. Like all people, we have feelings. We are not robots. You can hurt us. Next time you disagree with a staff member, take a moment to consider how they feel and the difficult situation you are creating for them.
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