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    Awhile back, I created a YouTube channel intended on being a gaming channel. It is now a Pokémon ORAS X/Y giveaway channel. If anybody wants to subscribe here is the link: (Channel Name: CrazyChris098)


    You can request a giveaway, or join one I have up.
    The way this works is, you deposit any Pokémon (Except for Starters, Zigzagoons, wurmples) into the GTS (Global Trading System) asking for the Pokémon I will be giving away. I will then search for it, and trade you over the GTS.
    IGN (In game name):
    Pokémon Deposited:
    Message: crazychris

    Giveaways will be weekly when I reach atleast 200 subscribers, for now it'll be every 25-50 subscribers.

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