/plotme tp


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Hi I Was Wondering If You Will Be Adding /plotme tp [plot id] In The New Cowcraft v2 Update. If Not It Would Be Great If You Would So We Can Go To Our Friends Plot While They Arent On.


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I like the idea :p It would allow further activity and more participation in the server and generally increase it's popularity.

You have my support :)


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We are still working on creative features, but we will take this into consideration! Thanks for the input! :D

And personally, I really like this idea. :)
I love the idea but to get to the plot you need there plot ID and if I am correct those are the random letters and numbers but I might be wrong, but if I am correct how would you remember (unless you wrote them down somewhere like in a notebook or on a. Sticky Note) the plot ID? But this is for the staff to decide I just wanted to point this out for some people and the staff. Have a good day everyone!


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Brando, try to avoid double posts, theres an edit button. I like this idea, but the command might be used for trolling as well, since an invisible fire arrow shooting guy might troll and stuff, since they can easily teleport to the plots of those online(If they know the ID of course, but lol, onward). IF this is going to be added, I'd like to suggest using the name instead. Like for instance, I want to tp to Cath's plot and I do /plotme tp CathHasSwagg. That makes it much easier in my opinion.
(MM, I still hate how you capitalize every single freaking word.)