Nether Wart Issue


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In the beginning Nether Wart sold at a price of 13$, but recently it was nerfed to 4$.
I feel as though that's a bit too low, especially since wheat sells for 4.5$

the reason being is that dirt costs 2$ a piece while soul sand is 10.5$ a piece. Thus, making it more efficient to farm wheat instead of nether-warts, making them almost useless. At least, make the Nether-Warts 6.5$ or up to 7$ at least to balance out the cost difference between "wheat via dirt" and "soul sand via nether-wart".

One argument that has been used, is that the price of Nether-Wart is very low in other servers like Survival and Factions. BUT this is skyblocks, as you know we generate in a small island, building outwards and we have a limited supply of items given to us in the nether, compared to factions and survival where the nether is boundless. As well as, grinding is a pain and is really tedious for selling. Nether-Wart at 13$ did help relieve a lot of stress. Some of us can't be on mine-craft constantly grinding as we have other stuff to do at life. This may be asking a lot but if possible 9$ would seem reasonable, as stated there's really nothing much that sells for a good amount in shop, like in V2 of skyblocks with the clay and smelting.

As well as, farming Nether-wart is a really tedious work especially when creating huge farms, it's not something that you can do AFK, it takes a lot of time and effort for collecting and selling.