My personal plea to the CowCraft Staff and Community


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Hello, I'm sure by now you know me. It's been a while since I've made a post, but we, the people of CowCraft have a full-blown crisis on our hands. If we can't get more players on the server, this sever will die. This can no longer be avoided and ignored by staff (It certainly hasn't been ignored by players). We can't continue on this downward trend if we want to have our homeland survive. To Edy and any person interested in advertisement, Please advertise anywhere you can. In addition, get people involved with the community, to help people understand that we still exist, even if mini games are empty. To the Developers, I obviously understand and respect that any work done is personal time and personal time only, but Any feature or update that may draw in players must be done if we want to survive. To the "Wealthy" or supportive in CowCraft, Buy Ranks if you Can. We need money to flow in again if we want to pay the bills and keep us from shutting down. Finally, to Admins: Please try to stay active and update the website, or just be online when new players do eventually come.

This is a personal plea by a long-time member. You won't lose me, but I may lose you.
Tl;dr: anything large or underlined is important
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With the server being neglected at this point, I don't see a major fix or updates for long months in the future. But yeah if the server doesn't get a serious update or anything to fix stuff it will probably go down hill.


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I dont really play anymore, just logged on to see what people were talking about, and seeing the server like this is heartbreaking. I dont play minecraft anymore and have outgrown my time here but to see the server like this is tragic, this shit was literally my childhood. :(


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It's crazy to see how dead the server is. I used to spend so much time on this server and made so many friends and now it's just.. It's really sad honestly.


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It is really sad, but as Kindoe said on another thread, "Cowcraft should be described as gasping for breath rather than dead".
This is still something we can get out of with hard work.
A key idea is to not take at least 8+ months to reset a server.. If we can crunch that down to 2-4 months tops that would be pretty cool. Also lets not have staff that lie about some big reset coming to factions. That would also work wonders for the current players. Make sure your staff know everything edy. After talking to a few staff members, new ones in particular, I got a bunch of BS lol try to keep everyone organized, another good idea
Cowcraft is one of my favorite servers, i would hate for it to go down after being on for so long. I will try to advertise to friends from other servers and older friends to join and help support us. Goodluck to you all!


I don't even know whats going on anymore. I didn't join too long ago, and I know this server mean so much more to so many other people than it does to me but I will try to help as much as I can :p


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I don't even know whats going on anymore. I didn't join too long ago, and I know this server mean so much more to so many other people than it does to me but I will try to help as much as I can :p

We are getting people back on to play, so that way we know CC is in a more safer position and having the server go down is alot less likely


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More players online and more money might help temporarily but the server really needs an active owner and developers to do well in the long term.


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Please correct me if I am wrong, I haven't been on in a week. (I had other commitments)
A lot of people have started to come back.
lol if you want to help the server why don't you play on it? I've been playing on it recently.
Many people have been playing recently, you are not the only one. But good job for playing! Cowcraft needs players to come back!
People have other commitments like school and work. I spend a little time dedicated to me playing on Cowcraft, but I never spend more than an hour because I usually get a heap of homework (It's kind of sad how much I get).