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    Hey guys, I havent been active on CowCraft for nearly 3 years, the reason I left being the fact that MineZ was removed, that that was my life, waking up 6am every day on the weekend to play MineZ with friends, and I decided to come round to the forums and see what was happening on CowCraft, and I have heard the MineZ is coming back with the original map, which I assume to be the one with Spire, Prison, Gas etc. If it is really coming back, you'll start seeing me around more :). Its been a really long time, and I'd love to play on this server that I was addicted to and loved for a years with old friends and new friends.

    If anyone could confirm this I'd be very appreciating.
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    I actually have no idea, I know at one point it's return was planned.

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