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This thread is going to be short and sweet because it's pretty straight foward

You know all those plots that when you do /plot info, it says the owner is unknown, and when you do /seen *username* on the plot tag, it says the player never joined? I see them all the time, and they do take up space on the server that can be used for other players.

There are these two plots in front of mine, that are like this. I'm working on this project and I need those two plots in front of mine so I can (hopfully) have them merged into a big plot. Their owners don't go on the server, they haven't been touched in years. In fact one of them I couldn't even find online. the other doesn't play minecraft anymore (I knew them)

This seems a bit rude of me to ask but, could I have these plots?


Here are the two plots (and their infos): (Ignore all of the extra tall grass, it's a resource pack that adds it)


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The plots are now yours.

I'd like to mention that the players who owned the plots before still have their plots, exactly the same, I simply moved them.

Happy Building!
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