Labeled Towny Map

Do you want your town to be on the public map?

  • Yes

    6/9 Votes (66.7%)
  • No

    3/9 Votes (33.3%)


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I have been gathering coordinates for all the towns I've found in towny, and I'm thinking about making a map. I might go public with this if the pole says so. Please tell me if you don't want your town on the public version. I have not found all towns, so the map is currently incomplete, and I won't post until I make some real progress, and won't post at all if not enough people want their town on the public version.
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How did you get the image of the map?
Easiest and maybe the best way is to screenshot the towny map, and if you're referring to the in game maps, screenshotting is probably still the best solution
I did that screenshot thing.

Random fact: I banned a player with a hacked client for flying while composing this map :)
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