Instrumental Piston Organ in playing condition!!!

So I never posted a thread in over a year but I thought this would be sort of cool to mention. In Creative I have plot (-2,2) (very close to spawn.) So in that plot I am currently building cowcraft university, Its the huge building with 4 towers. One of the things I decided to do a few days ago was build an organ hall. So the organ haves 8 notes on it, that may seem very small but it takes up a lot of space for the Redstone and Pistons to work. The organ functions by hitting a key and each key strikes off a specific amount of pistons so it creates a different sound. There are three chambers in the organ, The Redstone chamber which collects all of the info for the sound to be played, The Upper Chamber which are pistons above the hall which gives it a loud sound effect, And the far chamber which gives it a low sound effect. if you are interested in hearing it then don't hesitate to msg me creative. Also in order to get there you go to the plot as mentioned above and you go in the smaller building in the front, make a left and go up the elevator to the next floor and you should be there. To look inside the chambers you go up to the organ and there should be a door there.