Factions and SkyBlock updates

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    Factions updates:
    • Mythic rank is now on sale for limited time!
    • Obsidian price changed
    • Added random teleport, use /wild
    • Added genbuckets, use /genbuckets
    • Fixed command issues with combat tag
    • You can now type /showitem to display item you're holding in chat, have to be near other players at the moment. But that will be tweaked later on
    • Obsidian, bedrock and lots more rewards are coming to new crate. Didn't have enough time to finish it, should be done by tomorrow
    • Trench Picks are coming soon too!
    More fixes and tweaks are coming! Was focusing on factions for the most part so not much has been added to skyblock other than new shop. A lot more will be added this week, including new crates and island types.
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