Donars Tower apartments at spawn is coming soon!!!

Hello Cowcraft,

Imagine living in a property with spectacular views of spawn only 3 plots away. Well now you are able to get that opportunity if you are a donator for the creative server!!! I am in the middle of constructing a HUGE apartment complex which offers big room spaces and many windows in those rooms. Each room haves a guarantee to get a great view of spawn. Room sizes are varied by rank. For my people who didn't donate there is going to be a lottery this Thursday for 1 room at the apartment complex. The room is in the north tower second floor which haves a great view of spawn but haves a weird room shape due to the lobby design. On the other hand it is a very nice room but is not good enough for a donator. In order to enter, you must comment down below Lottery. I will post another thread out when the full building is finished.

the photo is a view of spawn from a room


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