Crazy Glitch on Prison, Fire-2


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my question is how did these holes on BOTH sides get broken into. Hacker? or staff abuse?


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Hackers can't do that, and staff abuse almost never happens on cowcraft.
It's more likely that a staff broke the blocks that are supposed to be there and just forgot to put them back.


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Why would he do that? On both sides and both mines? That's kind of silly.
Maybe the staff wanted to exit the mine, then re-enter it, and so they made two holes.
I'm not sure why they would do it, but it's not a rogue staff or a hacker. It could be a player used a glitch and did that, idk, but those holes in the side of the mine will probably be fixed soon.
Even if the holes aren't covered, I don't see it causing any problems, so it's nothing to worry about.