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Hello fellow cows!
Before I reveal some new things about Towny I want to explain why I have been inactive from time to time. I started CowCraft as a hobby, I was one of those people that always wanted to make a server and have a full control of everything.

However, after 4+ years of doing same exact thing it gets repetitive. CowCraft for me has turned from a hobby to a job, doing updates or fixing something on network sometimes feels like a homework you don't want to do but are forced to anyways.

This is why I have started taking breaks from mc and working on different projects such as GmodHQ (Garry's Mod server network). The only reason I managed to stick around with mc so far is by taking small breaks. One of most exiting things form me at this point is launching new servers and adding new content to watch how players react to it.

I do consider CowCraft a pretty caring and transparent network (a lot more transparent than others). There's a huge amount of servers that don't really care about "bullying" or "swearing" in-game, not to the extent we do. Our rank prices are really low considering other servers. We pretty much give same exact perks but for a lower price.

My goal for CowCraft was to make it fun for other players and not to make money. Some networks exist purely because minecraft is hugely profitable business, players will never see or know what actually happens behind the scenes and what kind of money these networks make.

Either way, what I wanted to say is I really dislike giving ETAs for projects. You have to realize when we start on I project I already know there's going to be a huge amount of unexpected issues.

Really good example is Red vs Blue minigame, a lot of people don't know this but I have been trying to bring back that minigame for over a year now. There's always some issue or developer that just drops project in middle of development and leaves us with some unfinished code. This has recently happened again with RVB and at this point I am not even sure when it's going to be launched.

My current goal is to stabilize and update servers to 1.9. The planned servers are RVB, MineZ and a lot of old minigames from the old CowCraft network. And of course servers such as factions and survival. We will be advertising once we consider network stable enough.

ANYWAYS, towny! First of all, TRAILER!

New spawn


And there's also few other new things that will be revealed at the launch. We're currently aiming to launch server in two days but if issues come up we may need to extend the launch date by one or two days.

Additionally, prison backpacks shop has been fixed and we're also working on a 1.8 combat changes. Once it's done we will start updating pvp focused servers.

Thanks for reading! :*


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I love it! Thank you so much for this, I have been waiting for towny for a really long time, Thanks!


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i havent even watched the trailer and i know it is gonna be awesome....thanks for much!

EDIT: Spawn looks like amazing, if ingame lives up to the trailer it will be worth the wait!!

P.S. I like the 2k16 bit :)

Good job on towny doe. My town will be the best.. Js so everyone already knows ^.^


So I decided to add multiple new feature the last second which is why it's taking a bit longer than expected. However, it will be out on Sunday for sure :)