Building group?

I mean staff...
That wont work too, because I tried asking @Edy and my friend tried asking @MonkeyComedyHD for me and they both said I needed to be a CreativeGod+ to have my plots merged.

Which is ridiculous because I am not paying 70 dollars (upgrade from cg to cg+, originally it's 100 dollars! Wtf) to have my plots merged. Not to mention, the state the server is in right now it's a total waste of money, and the staff doesn't seem to care either.
Jordan did it for me =D
@JordanSemo used World Edit to get rid of the roads, that was very nice of him to do btw, but if you want your plots actually merged where you can build on those roads, you have to pay 70 dollars for it. (or more)

Lea was going to do the same for me but I told her she didn't have to because building on the roads was kind of my whole point of merging them. She said that admins have access to /plots merge. but by what you've told me, they don't even have the command either.