Banner Give away :D


Hey guys!

So I do graphic arts quite often, and recently I was just putting some stuff together so I got this!


This is only a part of the banner

Link to full sized banner:

It turned out to be very good so I decided to give it away! Just enter by replying using the format below, and the winner's skin and name will be replaced with the current ones in the banner.

The winner will be RANDOMLY chosen ;D

Here is the format to enter:

Current Skin File:
Youtube Channel (Optional)
What you want the text to say:
skype(also optional):

This give away will end on 6/20/16, end may vary depending on entries.

good luck!
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IGN: I0wnu4life
Current Skin File: (Custom and Private will give if I win)
Youtube Channel (Optional): N/A
What you want the text to say: "I0wnu4life"
skype(also optional): (don't judge) :p


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Does my character have to dab? I'd rather not because I am a hipster who should probably go die now

*dies in a hole*


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IGN: SophieTheFish
Current Skin File:

What you want the text to say: SophieTheFish


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