Armour Sets

Would you like to see this implemented into CowCraft?

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(Firstly, the spelling variants of anything here is in a EN-GB charset, so no complaining about my grammar if you're not British XD)

My idea is fairly simple, the ability to put full armour sets into one item. This idea is revolved around for use in towny, but could be implemented into any servers I guess. If you have or still do play RuneScape, then you will know the who concept around armour sets.

Also, they could use NBT tags to show the enchants of the items inside when you hover over the item when it's in /auc or you inventory.

The benefits of this would not only save inventory space for people like me who get a lot of armour in their /kit, but it would also make selling armour for new players easier (and save slots on /auc).

I hope you will take this idea into consideration, as I've asked a bunch of my friends and they think it'd be cool if this was possible.


- Matt