youtube rank

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    Ik how much it costs for all donater things!

    I would cost up to 464 and 80 Cents Canadian currency, and what is with the giant hold up with my youtube rank????
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    Banner Give away :D

    Hey guys! So I do graphic arts quite often, and recently I was just putting some stuff together so I got this! This is only a part of the banner Link to full sized banner: It turned out to be very good so I decided to give it away! Just enter by replying using...
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    To: Edy / Any other staff

    I applicated for the youtuber rank, and for some reason I didn't get it! I did what it said to do ( Including the 2 day thing ) And I still have not got it! I got the Gmail and stuff, I did what it said and I still don't have the youtuber rank! Why is this?