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    can't join towny

    I started up Minecraft, joined cowcraft and noticed i can't join towny. Why i can't i join? Plz tell me.
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    Welcome to DreamFest, NewDreamland's Server-Wide Party! After 8 months of working to finish NewDreamland, the time for Dreamfest has come. The DreamTeam is here to bring the fun back to Cowcraft's Towny. We will have 3 special events, each having a special prize. Whenever you are not at an...
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    Towny's Back Up

    As many of you know, Towny has been down the last couple of days. Wanted to give everyone an update and let you know that the issue has been resolved thanks to the work of Zenexer. We're close to solving this issue so it won't happen in the future, but until then, the following towns may have...
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    Survival Rank Gone... Switch To Towny?

    So now that survival is gone, I've been playing on the towny server, is there any way to switch my diamond rank from survival plots to towny for maybe a lord rank? I think it is a little unfair that you could just take away survival to the point where our well-bought ranks become useless...
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    Armour Sets

    (Firstly, the spelling variants of anything here is in a EN-GB charset, so no complaining about my grammar if you're not British XD) My idea is fairly simple, the ability to put full armour sets into one item. This idea is revolved around for use in towny, but could be implemented into any...
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    I lost all my keys idems (20 keys worth) of stuff and I want my keys back please!

    The glitch happend while i was away and i get on suddenly and my town owner said a glitch happend and we lost all our stuff. He said he got 100k because of this.... I LOST 20 KEYS OF THINGS!!!! THATS NOT EVEN CLOSE TO 100k! CAN I HAVE MY IDEMS BACK!!!! (btw check my purchase logs).
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    Glitch on Towny?

    I was on towny checking some residents when I notice an odd glitch: . Ignore everything there besides the date registered. "Dec 31 1969" Is this a glitch or a funny little easter egg?
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    Helping Towny newcomers!

    I am currently helping all Towny members, if need be, from new to experienced, from building to commands, if anybody needs help with anything either message me or ask ok Towny! I'm usually on between 6-9 PM US Eastern Standard time. Thanks!