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    Spawner Mining Not Working?

    On survival, I have tried to mine spawners but it's not working. I am a diamond rank and was using a silktouch pickaxe, is this a bug or was spawner mining removed?
  2. M

    Vote Crates in Survival

    It would give us all something to vote for.
  3. V

    Survival Progress

    Hi @Edy I was just wondering if your working on survival now that factions is released, If it is not being worked on right now I understand that you have worked so hard at factions and is taking a break! If you are working on survival now could you please tell met the progress? (New ranks, new...
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    Survival Rank Gone... Switch To Towny?

    So now that survival is gone, I've been playing on the towny server, is there any way to switch my diamond rank from survival plots to towny for maybe a lord rank? I think it is a little unfair that you could just take away survival to the point where our well-bought ranks become useless...