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    To Edy/Staff

    Hello, I am just wondering if any of you can give any information about whats going on with the server. I mean most of the people are wondering what is happening. So lets hear it. :P
  2. Y

    What is the problem with staff and AFK fish farms?

    Firstly, the title says most of it, but here were go. Basically, in the last version of Towny, I had an afk fish farm that didn't use any hacks or mods, but using the MC trick to hold right click and double tap F11 so the game thinks you're holding right click down. But, many times I got Tp'ed...
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    To: Edy / Any other staff

    I applicated for the youtuber rank, and for some reason I didn't get it! I did what it said to do ( Including the 2 day thing ) And I still have not got it! I got the Gmail and stuff, I did what it said and I still don't have the youtuber rank! Why is this?
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    Exabit Should Be Promoted to Moderator!!

    Exabit has been so amazing as staff, Edy, I really think you should consider him for a promotion. Honestly, Exabit has been so dedicated, helpful, and truly wonderful on your server. He has been on nearly 24/7 and has answered ever question thrown at him perfectly. Please promote Exabit, he is...