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    Upcoming Skyblock update

    When will the upcoming update to sky block be coming?
  2. M

    /cowshop is glitching

    Im sure you guys are familiar with the cowshop command, but recently i have had trouble trying to purchase /warp spawner and /fly with my cowcoins. I do not know why and it seems to be confusing other players aswell, is anyone else experiencing these same difficulties? Many thanks
  3. B

    Egg Glitch abuse

    Greetings and Salutations! There is a glitch where if you hold 2 eggs in your inventory ( say a pig and a cow ) and auction the pig, then do /auc cancel, you get 2 cows. Players have been heavily abusing this, and i beg for a bug fix, as glitching is highly against the rules and around 90% of...
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    Auction Anti-Snipe

    For all players in skyblock I' m sure that once or twice they have been outbid in the last second of the auction. This is frustrating, but I have researched floauction and it turns out that there is a setting in the config part in the .minecraft file in the floaction file in the config file...
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    Warp Signs

    Hey all! I was wondering.. How do you make warp signs in sky block? THANKS:alone:
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    Mob Heads

    Greetings and Salutations! On my island ( skyblock ) I have found that mob heads are incredibly nice to decorate with. However, getting them, is almost impossible. I know you can get them by fishing mobs ( Killing them with a fishing rod ) but that is incredibly slow, and even with Unbreaking...
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    We cant let Skyblock DIE!

    Ok guys, for the past MONTH nobody is ever online on sky block! Sky block use to be such a great server and the most popular one! It started lowering its numbers of players down and down and down! Please please don't let Skyblock die! And help sky block grow again! Sky block was my favourite...