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    Report for FightingFox295 and RecklessTwin

    I got on the Cowcraft server and I read chat to see what is going on. I read chat and they were talking about if dyslexia is a disability, I went from facts not opinions and said yes and to show sympathy to them, I told them about my disability. and then FightingFox295 said to me that I was...
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    I lost all my keys idems (20 keys worth) of stuff and I want my keys back please!

    The glitch happend while i was away and i get on suddenly and my town owner said a glitch happend and we lost all our stuff. He said he got 100k because of this.... I LOST 20 KEYS OF THINGS!!!! THATS NOT EVEN CLOSE TO 100k! CAN I HAVE MY IDEMS BACK!!!! (btw check my purchase logs).