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    Rank Refund?

    Hi, I bought a CreativeGod rank on here a couple years ago. I no longer play on this server, since it's almost dead. On Creative at least, where my rank applies. Is there a way I can get a refund of my money? I paid a lot for that rank and it's going to waste now. Thanks.
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    Survival Rank Gone... Switch To Towny?

    So now that survival is gone, I've been playing on the towny server, is there any way to switch my diamond rank from survival plots to towny for maybe a lord rank? I think it is a little unfair that you could just take away survival to the point where our well-bought ranks become useless...
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    Ik how much it costs for all donater things!

    I would cost up to 464 and 80 Cents Canadian currency, and what is with the giant hold up with my youtube rank????