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    Make Cowcraft Great Again!

    OK. First of all, sorry for the terrible title of this thread. I don’t really know what else to name it. So anyway, I’m LordVader50 and you guys probably don’t know me, most of my old friends have disappeared... I’m probably not gonna get a lot of replies, and if you’re looking at these words...
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    So, this thread is for sharing your favorite music. It doesn't matter what it is, as long as it's music. I'll start.
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    CowCraft YIAY

    Hey y'all! It's me, Crepe. Today, I have a fun idea for a thread: A CowCraft-based version of Jacksfilm's YIAY series. Sample: Basically, I ask y'all a question and you answer it. The next day, I'll post my favorite answers alongside the next question. Ready? This is today's question: Write...
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    What happend to factions???

    i have been on this server about 1-2 years ago or something like that, i now disided i wanted to start play again and the factions server are offline and survival as well, when will that be fixed, factions are the main reason that i started in the first place and it´s really funny too, plzzzz...
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    We need to have fun and not get bored because getting bored is not fun and not having fun is boring

    As you see from the title.... LETS.. HAVE.. SOME... FUNNNNNNNNN!!!! So here's what we are going to do; We are going to be playing say one word and make a story. :D HAVE FUNNNNNN