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    CowCraft Git

    Edy, Where did the Git go? I had kewl stuffs on there.
  2. T

    Does anyone still have contact with Wob_?

    Holy shit it's been a while. Most people don't know me but this is basically directed to Edy. Could anyone link me to wob's portfolio or get me in contact with him?
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    Adding /stack

    /stack is where you could stack only drinkable potions Such as Strength,speed,fire res,etc .You Cannot stack armor,InstantHealths etc.
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    So basically The amount of keys you buy in 1 Reset is that amount you get every reset..So say if you buy 1 Today and the next day u buy 33 That adds up to 35 and you could add more..And that is the amount u get each reset.If that makes sense
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    Survival Progress

    Hi @Edy I was just wondering if your working on survival now that factions is released, If it is not being worked on right now I understand that you have worked so hard at factions and is taking a break! If you are working on survival now could you please tell met the progress? (New ranks, new...
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    Adding /pv1 to factions??

    Title Says it all... Supporter Rank:4slots Elite Rank:5slots Cowgod Rank: 6 slots Titan Rank 7Slots
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    To: Edy / Any other staff

    I applicated for the youtuber rank, and for some reason I didn't get it! I did what it said to do ( Including the 2 day thing ) And I still have not got it! I got the Gmail and stuff, I did what it said and I still don't have the youtuber rank! Why is this?
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    Exabit Should Be Promoted to Moderator!!

    Exabit has been so amazing as staff, Edy, I really think you should consider him for a promotion. Honestly, Exabit has been so dedicated, helpful, and truly wonderful on your server. He has been on nearly 24/7 and has answered ever question thrown at him perfectly. Please promote Exabit, he is...