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    Make Cowcraft Great Again!

    OK. First of all, sorry for the terrible title of this thread. I don’t really know what else to name it. So anyway, I’m LordVader50 and you guys probably don’t know me, most of my old friends have disappeared... I’m probably not gonna get a lot of replies, and if you’re looking at these words...
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    Rank Refund?

    Hi, I bought a CreativeGod rank on here a couple years ago. I no longer play on this server, since it's almost dead. On Creative at least, where my rank applies. Is there a way I can get a refund of my money? I paid a lot for that rank and it's going to waste now. Thanks.
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    Can't Access Creative Server

    Recently tried going back to the creative server. However if I try the 'Server Selector' or the the portal to the server it tells me I'm not whitelisted for that server. Has the creative server been whitelisted?
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    The quick and easy path...

    I'm hollowing out my plot on the creative server, and I'm 40% done. Today I suddenly realize that I won't be able to have the patience to hollow this plot out for an entire week. I was wondering if there was a quicker way to do so. -Note: this is not just for me, but for others who are also...
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    To all people that listen to deadmau5 out there, this is for you <3