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    Adding /nick to the CCShop?

    Hey y'all! I have a small suggestion here that I just thought of yesterday. I think it would be really cool to add /nick to the CowCoins Shop for about 300 or so CowCoins. Why? Well, /nick is only available through ranks, and, personally, I don't want any of that other stuff, just /nick. And, in...
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    How to fix Cowcraft

    Hey. I just hope you can take a moment or two to read my rants. Cowcraft is experiencing the downfall. Without outside contact and fresh material, cowcraft is collapsing from the ground up. Cowcraft requires just a few things. We need new content (which is not currently satisfactory), and we...
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    I'm using my phone to type this so apologies for any bad grammar can you make an option to pay people in cowcoins. this would be useful for the following things: • many people with ranks won't benefit from many /ccshop features like the ones in creative, so it'll give them an opportunity to...