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    Creating/Editing Skins

    Hey guys, this week I'm going to have way too much extra time and I'd like to fill it. I'm going to be creating new skins and editing current ones. There will be two forums below and you simply fill one out. I hope you are aware, though, that there may be things I cannot do. If something like...
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    Christmas Skins

    Hey guys! We're not far away from Christmas and I'm pretty sure most people are looking for Christmas skins. I'm decent at making skins, and this is your chance to save time and get your own done! I'm also able to edit your current skin to look holiday-ish. All you have to do is fill out the...
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    Pray for Paris

    As most of you heard, Paris was attacked by terrorist group ISIS with bombings and gunfire. At the time of hearing this, I was seriously upset. I don't have any family that live there, but it still hurt. Why would it hurt me? Mostly because innocent sons, daughters, husbands, wives, fathers and...
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    Favorite candy?

    I haven't seen a thread like this, so here goes nothing. You pick a candy you like, the person below you has to say if they like/dislike that candy then tell us which candy they like, then the chain continues. I'll start. My favorite candy is skittles.
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    I'm well known on the servers that involve PvP, and lately it's becoming not so much fun anymore. When I first started pvping, it was a compliment to be called a hacker. Now it's more of an annoying comment that constantly is said to me. If you think I hack, you don't need to call me one. You...
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    Skywars Suggestions

    There are my skywars suggestions. I came up with these only to make the game more fun and playable. -Announce when a game is about to start. -Add a "most kill" & "most win" score board -Instead of delaying the game start 20 seconds, make it 5-10seconds. -Remove /leave, if someone falls off they...
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    Lately I have been playing skywars & I see 2 issues that need to be fixed. -The points for VIP still need to be fixed. -/help op doesn't work in-game.
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    Remove strength along with OP enchants.

    Heyyoo. As a active kitpvp member, I find it quite annoying along with other members that strength and higher enchants are available at such a small price. You can get 200 credits easily and just 2 shot players with strength. This has been an issue for a while, and it's just been done too many...
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    Hey guys. If you don't know what MineZ is, or in this case "was", it was basically a server where you had to survive from zombies and other players by searching around the map for chests which contained loot. The chests had iron ingots, paper, food and one chest on the top of a big big mountain...
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    Skywars Point System

    For the sign on skywars it says normal players get 5 points for a kill, VIP gets 10 points (2x points) yet when a normal player kills someone they get 2 points (should be 5) and VIP gets 4 points (should be 10). Did I miss out on a update on points? I remember I use to get 10 points for a kill...
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    Want a random collage?

    Hey guys, so I'm bored as usual and I was wondering if anyone wanted a random photo with transparent things around your minecraft character. There's an example below if you don't understand what I mean. All you have to do is link the things you'd like in it and I'll try my best to make you...
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    Server News- 8/17-15

    Hello! nidavil_nick,Saguero, & zFluxLiotruHD have decided to create a News Crew, which basically keeps up with all the latest news about the server and players! You can post about good, bad, or informative news! We hope you enjoy getting all the latest updates and not finding out too late about...
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    New kitpvp maps?

    Can KitPvP have new maps please? We've had the same maps for so long with an exception of 1 that was brought back from a while ago. I wanna see something new!! What happened to the project @pumkinkitty was working on? A lot of people have created maps and people like them yet they're not put...
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    Want a signature?

    Hello guys, so I usually get bored during the summer and I just redid my banner/signature and I was thinking how nice it would be to create some for you guys! All you have to do is simply fill out a forum and do my best to make you happy. Everyone seems to be happy with the outcome of their...
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    Skytop KitPvP Map- Barriers

    It's come to my attention that many people who don't want to get another death while fighting someone just simply jumps off the edge of the Skytop map, soups and the player who hit them before they jumped does not get the kill. When I say this, I speak for many people. It's extremely annoying...
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    Missing Rank & Stats

    I'm missing a rank on Towny, and my Hunger Games stats after my name change, can someone please refund these as soon as possible.
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    Want a custom skin?

    Hey guys, so recently I got back into making skins. I was wondering if any of you had any requests, I'd be happy to make them! Just fill out the request sheet below and your good to go. My skins are ranged between 80-100% custom made, sometimes I use other skins as reference. If you have any...
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    Be the better person.

    Hey guys, so this is a message to people who are or have been bullied. You're not alone, and there's no need to feel that way. There's always gonna be that one person who enjoys bringing you down, you just have to find one way to bring yourself above them. Everyone has been a victim, everyone...
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    PvP Disabled-Wooden

    One of the maps called "Wooden" doesn't have pvp enabled even after you jump out of the safe zone (spawn). Please fix this because whenever this map comes around through the cycle everyone either leaves or no one pvps (which you can't :p )
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    KitPvP Suggestion

    I think KitPvP should have a comback log plugin, basically where you can do /ct and it'll let you know whether you're in combat or not. I understand loggers can abuse this to simply log out during a fight they can't handle, but I think it'd be useful for the people who want to log out safely.