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    kinda cute

    kinda cute
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    thats kinda cute

    thats kinda cute
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    Presidental Election

    nuked? lmao. by who?
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    Presidental Election

    for all the people who live in america and are complaining about our current elected president- please don't. i don't understand why you guys are shedding shade on america for being "doomed" just because we got a new president when in reality we've been in trouble for years, even decades. we're...
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    Kit-PvP players

    ur aids
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    what does my kitpvp score have to do with this? you basically insulted kitpvp players yet you,yourself, played it. ???
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    Why Is Cowcraft So Dead?

    according to the graph 24 months ago versus today September and October and declined rates due to school, so unfortunately that seems like a really large factor into why there has been a player decrease. yes, there are many other reasons too but this seems like the most explainable and...
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    u play on kitpvp so gj
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    welcome to cc lol
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    The Message, from the Legend.

    no one likes u
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    Full & Complete List: (only as far as my knowledge and tips above) Skywars // Hunger Games (Order from least value to greatest): Basic Grand Rare Arcane Epic Heroic Legendary Divine Celestial Mythic Godlike Other Tags: Moo: Default Player Tag 2016: Vote 50 times total Champion: Won an...
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    Kit-PvP Maps

    ^^^ agreed
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    Xeno should get demoted

    Xeno is a great staff, he gave you several chances and yet you have the audacity to say he should be demoted. He was being extremely patient with you, and you should've been grateful your mute was only 10 minutes to begin with.
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    VAHGINA's unban

    This isn't primarily for her, therefore it doesn't imply to her. If it was her trying to get herself unbanned, that does belong in a private ban appeal. As she stated, he's banned from the forums so he cannot testify for himself, that is why she's doing it for him. The main focus of her...
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    Group chats on website

    Why do you need to have a group chat specifically on here? It's not really meant for that. Use a different website/software for that :p
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    Screen Shares

    The point they're trying to make is you made this thread clearly about screen sharing and how it can improve catching hackers and lessen the chances of false banning people, which you said they did to you previously. You bringing up that you had gotten false banned before was proven to be not...
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    Screen Shares

    Just because someone is considered "good" at PvP, does not automatically make them hackers. Screenshares aren't really even necessary because when someone is usually hacking, majority of staff can tell when and obviously proceed to punish from there and on. Not all people are able/allowed to...