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  1. Edy

    New store design and CowCraft progress

    If you haven't noticed yet, we have a brand new store design which matches the new website and forums! All of these updates wouldn't have been possible without the support from everyone who have donated since the Skyblock launch! Everything from forum licenses (xenforo) to servers, costs money...
  2. Edy

    Old website, new fresh look!

    The old website is back! Every thread, post, attachment and account has been restored. Updating and restoring everything wasn’t an easy task, it took plenty of hours to simply restore the extremely outdated forums. Took even longer to migrate the data to the latest version of the forum software...
  3. Edy

    Red vs Blue is back!

    The old Red vs Blue gamemode is back! Support for for 1.15 has been added too! Meaning you can now join using any client version from 1.7 to 1.15! Factions, Creative and the website overhaul are the priority at the moment.
  4. Edy

    1.13 support and parkour

    Server is finally open again! All of the CowCraft servers now accept clients from 1.7 and up to 1.13 versions Hub We went back to the old hub with secrets and added Christmas theme Parkour Parkour server is our latest addition, it's using the old map with new features such as leveling and...
  5. Edy

    CowCraft rework progress

    There's been a lot of progress behind the scenes. CowCraft conversion to docker containers is almost done. In simple terms docker makes minecraft servers extremely flexible and portable. Which will improve the time it takes to reset and/or update and fix servers in future. Every single...
  6. Edy

    CowCraft Re-work

    Re-work of whole network is work in progress. Not giving up on cowcraft just yet. If you're interested in cowcraft, feel free to post about which server should be worked on first. I currently plan to reset factions, bring back the OG minez and rvb. CowCraft discord:
  7. Edy

    Skyblock updates and tnt

    Few of the skyblock server changes: You're now able to craft and use enderchests Tree feller has been fixed Shop has been added Hopper limit was changed from 30 to 60, may change again depending on server performance More islands types were added, including spongebob island with pet Gary...
  8. Edy

    Factions top and tnt

    Top three factions will receive rewards at the end of the month (march) $200 in CowCraft store $150 in CowCraft store $100 in CowCraft store Screenshots of the top three factions will be taken some day at the end of march. This is attempt to prevent factions from mining spawners before logging...
  9. Edy

    Factions and SkyBlock updates

    Factions updates: Mythic rank is now on sale for limited time! Obsidian price changed Added random teleport, use /wild Added genbuckets, use /genbuckets Fixed command issues with combat tag You can now type /showitem to display item you're holding in chat, have to be near other players at the...
  10. Edy

    Factions reset

    Due to time limitations I didn't get some of updates done on time. These are some of the changes: Gold is now sellable Creeper spawners added to ftop Border is now visible Fall damage is now disabled in spawn Player heads will now drop on death There is now 40% chance of spawner not being mined...
  11. Edy

    SkyBlock Reset

    SkyBlock's reset date was decided only few days before the reset date, didn't have enough time to add everything I wanted. Rest of features will be added in the upcoming update, here's a list of current features: Challenges, to open the menu type /challenges Different type islands, currently...
  12. Edy

    SkyBlock and Factions reset

    Skyblock is going to be launching this saturday at 11 PM CET (EU) / 4 PM Central Time (US) Lots of improvements over the current skyblock are being made, basically fixing all of current issues and adding some of most requested features. Factions are launching next weekend, exact time will be...
  13. Edy

    Factions ftop and reset

    The factions winners are: bub GucciGang Ethereal Colgate Delta Every faction leader will be contacted (or contact me on website / discord) for the rewards. I seen lots of suggestions and majority of them seem reasonable. Feel free to use this thread for suggesting stuff for next reset. If you...
  14. Edy

    Factions updates and rewards! 40% SALE / Mythic

    Late factions update, had a limited time to work on this. Sale is now extended and increased to 40% for this weekend! Mythic rank flash sale, it's being removed from store after this weekend! Top five factions will receive rewards at start of the next month! $350 in...
  15. Edy

    Server revamp!

    Long awaited update is here! Here's a list of all changes: Network All of servers now support clients from 1.7 to the latest version 1.12.2. Tested this and it should be working on ALL of servers! Updated SkyBlock, Towny, Creative and Survival to latest version of 1.12.2. All of latest...
  16. Edy

    Survival patches and additions

    Lots of stuff has been fixed and few new features have been added: You can now lock your chests using a sign Fixed command /r, it should now work as intended You can now spawn mobs using spawn eggs and spawners in plots world Fall damage has been enabled in plots world Auction house has been...
  17. Edy

    75% SALE and survival LAUNCH!

    Survival's launch was a bit rushed and more features will be added in the upcoming week! Hub and Survival now support versions from 1.7 to 1.12 You will be able to access all of new blocks and features of 1.12 update if you join using 1.12 Pets, crates, ranks perks should be all there. Not...
  18. Edy

    Survival Launch Date

    Survival will be launching this Friday (28.07.17) at 8:00 PM (20:00) CEST I was forced to delay launch because of some unexpected plans. As for compensation for the delay, everyone who joins server on the launch day will receive one top tier and one mid tier crate keys. On top of that, there's...
  19. Edy

    Survival Launch

    Hi, I am planning on launching survival this week. Not sure which day yet since things never go as planned. Some things have been also fixed: Whoever bought pets should now have access to them again in all all servers other than kitpvp HelpOP has been rewritten and is being tested now. This...
  20. Edy

    Tag ideas

    We need MORE tags, post your ideas for MORE tags here!!!