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  1. JordanSemo

    New way of posting your missing ranks!

    Hello fellow cowcraftians, as most of you know, there was an update where you could change your current username to something new. In addition to that I created a post for you guys to comment what rank you lost and so on, we now have a new efficient way of doing that. Courtesy of Zenexer you...
  2. JordanSemo

    Missing your rank? Well post here!

    Since the recent post a large quantity of you, mainly donors have changed your usernames and have lost your donor status, this thread will assist you in the return of your rank if you are unable to get in contact with staff members; I ask you to add the following information. 1) Your old IGN...
  3. JordanSemo

    Do not change usernames yet.

    As many of you know, Mojang has implemented a one time name change. This small update will result in a temporary loss of donor status on all servers IF you have changed your name already. Kit-PvP will also be affected for our plugins' stats are co-existing with your original IGN. We advise you...
  4. JordanSemo

    Information regarding the enderdragon

    Now you are all probably wondering why there is an enderdragon following your every move, this is due to the 1.8 update being unable to support the enderdragon HP bar. The enderdragons original position was below the map (void) out of sight but the recent update has placed him in front of you...