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  1. Edy

    Rank back plzzeaseszz (:

    Sorry for late response, added Diamond rank now. New ranks are global now, meaning you'll have it on all of current and future servers on CowCraft.
  2. Edy

    New store design and CowCraft progress

    If you haven't noticed yet, we have a brand new store design which matches the new website and forums! All of these updates wouldn't have been possible without the support from everyone who have donated since the Skyblock launch! Everything from forum licenses (xenforo) to servers, costs money...
  3. Edy

    Old website, new fresh look!

    The old website is back! Every thread, post, attachment and account has been restored. Updating and restoring everything wasn’t an easy task, it took plenty of hours to simply restore the extremely outdated forums. Took even longer to migrate the data to the latest version of the forum software...
  4. Edy

    Red vs Blue is back!

    The old Red vs Blue gamemode is back! Support for for 1.15 has been added too! Meaning you can now join using any client version from 1.7 to 1.15! Factions, Creative and the website overhaul are the priority at the moment.
  5. Edy

    The Old Days

    You can post screenshot here :P
  6. Edy

    The Old Days

  7. Edy

    1.13 support and parkour

    Server is finally open again! All of the CowCraft servers now accept clients from 1.7 and up to 1.13 versions Hub We went back to the old hub with secrets and added Christmas theme Parkour Parkour server is our latest addition, it's using the old map with new features such as leveling and...
  8. Edy

    Make Cowcraft Great Again!

    It's not, I am moving servers. It should be up and running again in couple of days.
  9. Edy

    Public Staff Applications

    The issue with public applications is people will start copying the accepted ones. After awhile all of applications will become very similar, having them private forces you to use your own words rather than copying someone else.
  10. Edy

    To Cowcraft And Cowcraftees'

    HG will be revamped and old spawn brought back :p
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  12. Edy

    CowCraft Git

    Message me on telegram @EdyTheCow or discord Edy#3576
  13. Edy


    Still blows my mind how a simple server with addiction to cows have affected others so much. School is a priority for me, but stories like this motivate me. I'll try my best to revive the server but I doubt it can be the same as it used to be.
  14. Edy

    diddly darn feller

    I don't think adding more servers would help with such a low player count. Players would get split up and servers will feel emptier than they really are. The way to go would be removing few of the servers until player count goes up.
  15. Edy

    diddly darn feller

    Agree, what did you like the most about the server?
  16. Edy

  17. Edy

    The Old Days

    Hey, you got few things wrong :p . I already owned cowcraft for couple of years before buying elementcraft. CowCraft was actually bigger at the time. Elementcraft was then merged with cowcraft to boost our player count even more. ElementCraft was in pretty bad state when I bought it. Players...
  18. Edy

    CowCraft rework progress

    There's been a lot of progress behind the scenes. CowCraft conversion to docker containers is almost done. In simple terms docker makes minecraft servers extremely flexible and portable. Which will improve the time it takes to reset and/or update and fix servers in future. Every single...
  19. Edy

    Discord Donator rank/roles.

    I reset the resource worlds on survival, however it seems like lag is coming from somewhere else. It could be redstone or entity related, either way it's fixed for short term for now.