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    Reset Helper Applications

    I used all my applications a long time ago, and I know so have a lot of other active players. So I was thinking, since CowCraft doesn't really have many active staff anymore and needs all the help it can get, you guys should reset the Helper Applications and give some of us another chance. I...
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    Petition to Stop the Towny Reset

    I believe you should wait to reset Towny for at least another year or two. You will lose a lot of active players after the reset, and it hasn't even been a year since the last reset. Please post your thoughts and participate in the poll.
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    No One Has a Town Rank

    Towny just came back, but no one is assistant or or trusted exept the mayor.
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    Spawner Breaking

    I'm lord on towny, and the rank page says that I should be able to break spawners with a silk touch pickaxe. I broke a sheep spawner with my silk touch pick, but it didn't drop and i got the message "sheep spawner broken". Can this be fixed and can I have the sheep spawner back?
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    Labeled Towny Map

    I have been gathering coordinates for all the towns I've found in towny, and I'm thinking about making a map. I might go public with this if the pole says so. Please tell me if you don't want your town on the public version. I have not found all towns, so the map is currently incomplete, and I...
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    My Daily Reward Reset

    I was on Towny and went to get my daily reward, but when I clicked on the sheep, I was back at reward 1, and I should have been at reward 6. When I clicked on reward 1, it said "A user with this IP address has already claimed their reward." Can someone please help?
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    This thread is dedicated to @Kindoe and @Pogachow . Everyone post your thoughts on this fabulous couple.
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    Skin Edits

    I have nothing to do so post here if you want your skin edited. Required information- Username: What do you want changed or added:
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    Lost Plots

    In the new creative update (Pach #2.6), I'm not able to build on my plots or my friend's plots and I dont show up in Was I not converted?