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    problems in fac

    dear eddy i saw how u updated how the f top works and the zombie pigmen are not being counted in the list of f top so i show that our fac is 200k when we have like 6 zombie pigman spawners and dont u think that telling that some base has an # amount of spawners is a bad thing
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    Small weekly incentives for factions

    I have where there there is an incentive to go on like a daily reward system
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    What are gen buckets?
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    when does faction season end?

    When does the current faction server end?
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    How come i got muted for an hour

    I play cow craft a lot recently and i do not say anything bad but sometimes i have caps lock on then i turn it off also like sometimes i mistakenly repeat the sentence other than that i do not cuss or say anything bad and i got muted, i could not play faction king of the hill when my friends...