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    Red vs. Blue

    They said it's gonna be way different. Tbh, I just want the old version.
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    Red vs. Blue

    Thank you lmfao
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    Red vs. Blue

    Yass. You're gonna love it :P
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    This is getting out of control.

    Damn...telling someone to kill themselves is way over the line.
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    Red vs. Blue

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    Red vs. Blue

    I remember you xD dunno if we were a team tho
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    Red vs. Blue

    I do remember you cx
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    Red vs. Blue

    Omg xD
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    What's your favourite CowCraft server?

    My fav will always be Red vs Blue :p
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    The meaning of your username

    My name is just a song from Massive Attack :> you guys should listen to it
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    Red vs. Blue

    Of course I remember! I remember almost everyone haha
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    Yes or No Game!

    Nah. If you write a book about failure, and it doesn't sell, is it called success?
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    Four word stories! [Story time!]

    69 people with a
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    Red vs. Blue

    I kinda remember you lol