New store design and CowCraft progress
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If you haven't noticed yet, we have a brand new store design which matches the new website and forums! All of these updates wouldn't have been possible without the support from everyone who have donated since the Skyblock launch! Everything from forum licenses (xenforo) to servers, costs money. I wanted to thank everyone who still supports CowCraft, every donation really helps to keep CowCraft alive! Quite a few additions to the store are planned once servers such as new Creative and Survival launch!

New Creative’s spawn is being built by @Elise (UghElise) who has also built the majority of the Skyblock’s spawn. Features such as WorldEdit for players, way larger plots and cosmetics are already implemented and being tested. Once new Creative launches, the old one will still be accessible using /server oldcreative, however you won’t be able to build or modify your plots. Moving plots from old to new Creative will be possible, more information on that will be...
Old website, new fresh look!
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The old website is back! Every thread, post, attachment and account has been restored. Updating and restoring everything wasn’t an easy task, it took plenty of hours to simply restore the extremely outdated forums. Took even longer to migrate the data to the latest version of the forum software we’re using. On top of that I went ahead and made the website look more modern, after all CowCraft has been up since 2012! One of the oldest minecraft communities to be up and running!

All of the basic functionality should be working, but there are still quite a few things to be fixed. If you notice anything weird or straight up not working, please let us know in our discord. If you already have an account, your old password should still be working! In case you don’t remember your password, let me know and I’ll reset it. In case you don’t have an account, we’re no longer using in-game registering. Instead you’re able to register with an email. More registration options will be added later...

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