by Edy at 7:31 PM
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SkyBlock's reset date was decided only few days before the reset date, didn't have enough time to add everything I wanted. Rest of features will be added in the upcoming update, here's a list of current features:
  • Challenges, to open the menu type /challenges
  • Different type islands, currently two available. More to be added in upcoming update
  • Nether islands, going to nether will generate you a personal nether island
  • Chest shops, sell your stuff to other players
  • Leader boards for island level, mcmmo and balance
  • You can now show off your item using /show while holding item in hand
  • Island warps
  • New spawn
Here's a list of features in upcoming update:
  • Crates
  • Mob Arena
  • PVP Arena
  • Spawner shop
  • Shop
  • More challenges
  • More island types
  • Vote rewards
  • Auction
  • Spawner mining
  • New rank

by Edy at 10:15 PM
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Skyblock is going to be launching this saturday at 11 PM CET (EU) / 4 PM Central Time (US)
Lots of improvements over the current skyblock are being made, basically fixing all of current issues and adding some of most requested features.

Factions are launching next weekend, exact time will be posted in another thread. Few of expected improvements, I didn't list small changes.
  • Sell bedrock (going to take more hits to destroy it)
  • Tweak spawner prices
  • Disable fall damage in spawn
  • Chance of destroying spawner when trying to mine it
  • Player head drops on death
  • Visible world border
  • Every player will be able to mine spawners on weekends
  • Leader board and better rewards for mob arena
I am open to suggestions for both factions and skyblock!
by Edy at 5:18 PM
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The factions winners are:
  1. bub
  2. GucciGang
  3. Ethereal
  4. Colgate
  5. Delta
Every faction leader will be contacted (or contact me on website / discord) for the rewards. I seen lots of suggestions and majority of them seem reasonable. Feel free to use this thread for suggesting stuff for next reset. If you posted a suggestion already, you can re-post them here to get some discussions going. Even if I don't reply, I read each and every suggestion.

My discord: Edy#3576
by Edy at 4:16 PM
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Late factions update, had a limited time to work on this. Sale is now extended and increased to 40% for this weekend! Mythic rank flash sale, it's being removed from store after this weekend!

Top five factions will receive rewards at start of the next month!
  1. $350 in CowCraft store + special tag
  2. $250 in CowCraft store
  3. $150 in CowCraft store
  4. $100 in CowCraft store
  5. $50 in CowCraft store
This also means factions are going to reset at start of the next month!
TNT is being enabled today 11 PM CET or 4 PM Central Time in US.

Here are some changes and additions to factions:
  • You no longer lose hunger as fast
  • Hunger has been disabled in events and spawn
  • Chat filter has been added
  • Enchanted items repairing has been added for Titan and above.
    Use /anvil to repair your enchanted items! Just make sure you're holding the item before...
by Xenoxidation at 1:08 AM
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Hey hey hey! Happy New Years! (Or New Years Eve!)

Get hyped!!! Factions is releasing on the third day of January 2018 at 11 PM CET! For those of you located in the US, that is 5 PM Eastern Time, 4 PM Central Time, 3 PM Mountain Time, and 2 PM Pacific Time on the same day! We will be launching right on the minute, so be sure to be present if you want to be the first ones on the server!

Mob arena:

1v1 Arenas:
1v1 Arena Leaderboard:

We also have a factions ranking system!
Expected Q&A's:

Q1. Will I have my rank?!! What about unlimited sethomes/jelly legs??
A1. Yes! All ranks that you won from the crates/from donating will transfer over to this factions reset. All perks including unlimited homes/jelly legs will...
by Xenoxidation at 9:21 PM
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Hey CowCraft!

Staff has been working hard on factions for the past week, and here's what we have for you.

1. Though Edy hasn't really set an ETA for factions, I personally don't see it taking more than 2 weeks to launch. (Disclaimer: This is MY estimate of how long factions will take to launch, and could be inaccurate.)

2. We've added new 1v1 arenas, a new economy, balanced shop prices, balanced donor kits, and nerfed crate rewards.

3. Factions will NOT be based off an AFK-economy, where the more you AFK, the more money you make. (This is not the same as disallowing AFKers. The money you might make from being AFK is so insignificant, it won't be worth it.)

4. Alt factions will NOT be allowed, and any attempt to thwart this rule will result in the disbandment of the alt faction. (And possibly the main faction as well! So don't even try!)

5. The factions server is not whitelisted, and you may explore if you wish. The new world has...
by Edy at 1:43 PM
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Long awaited update is here! Here's a list of all changes:

  • All of servers now support clients from 1.7 to the latest version 1.12.2. Tested this and it should be working on ALL of servers!
  • Updated SkyBlock, Towny, Creative and Survival to latest version of 1.12.2. All of latest features should be now available on these servers!
  • Kitpvp, HungerGames and Factions are going to stay on 1.8. However you will still be able to join with any client from 1.7 to 1.12.2
  • Hub has been changed to Christmas theme. Took me few hours to find correct backup, extract it and upload it...
  • Portals in hub actually work now!!!
  • Limit for staff applications has been removed!
  • Added trails! Everyone gets a free hearts trails, to access it type /trails. This currently works in HG and Hub, more servers will be added soon!
  • New tags Santa and Grinch are now accessible by everyone! Type /tags to set them
  • Bunch of new tags have been added to store!
You can...
by Xenoxidation at 9:19 PM
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We have decided to disallow auto-clicking/macros on all our servers, even for grinding purposes.

Punishments for breaking this rule:
  • First offense: Warning
  • Second offense: 1 day ban
  • Third offense: 3 days ban.
I will be on the survival server letting players know of this new rule, so nobody is unfairly banned.
by Edy at 3:28 PM
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Lots of stuff has been fixed and few new features have been added:
  • You can now lock your chests using a sign
  • Fixed command /r, it should now work as intended
  • You can now spawn mobs using spawn eggs and spawners in plots world
  • Fall damage has been enabled in plots world
  • Auction house has been added /auc to access it
  • Ender chests now work in spawn area
  • Chat reaction has been added (get rewards if you spell out the word fastest)
Features to be added:
  • Very expensive spawners shop
  • More items in /shop
  • Mob Arena
  • More perks for existing donor ranks
  • PVP Arena
  • End world
  • Scratch tickets
  • Bunch of new tags (Dab, Logang, <o/, Cringe, JakePauler, SkrtSkrt, DatBoi, T H I C C)
by Edy at 7:01 PM
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Survival's launch was a bit rushed and more features will be added in the upcoming week!

  • Hub and Survival now support versions from 1.7 to 1.12
  • You will be able to access all of new blocks and features of 1.12 update if you join using 1.12
  • Pets, crates, ranks perks should be all there. Not much has changed from the last survival but more will be added in upcoming week. Including new perks for existing ranks and a new rank that's higher than Diamond.
  • HelpOP has been fully rewritten and now using Telegram, meaning you will get a lot quicker response! The /helpop should be working on ALL of servers on network
  • Default players get 2 plots, Gold rank gets 3 and Diamond rank gets 4. Everyone is able to merge their own plots!


The CowCraft Network has been out for about 3 years now. We have great servers, and a great community. Almost all our plugins are custom made by our own developers! There are so many things you can do here at CowCraft. We have a wide range of servers, but are planning to add many new ones as well! If you are new to our network we hope to see you join our community!

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