by edyyy at 10:29 AM
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Creative server is going to be whitelisted for couple of hours, I am in progress of converting and updating everything to 1.8.

I will post status updates as I progress.

Creative now supports 1.8 block / features and mobs.
In progress of converting plots now.

Plots are converted in alphabetical order, just finished converting all usersnames that start with numbers or symbols. Just now started at letter a. So this process is going to take few hours for sure.

Didn't expect this many users, the conversion is going in alphabetical order and it's only at letter c. It took few hours to even get this far, so don't expect for this to get done soon.

Still converting, we're at usernames that start with letter j
by aaomidi at 12:31 AM
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So apparently there has been a car accident where our servers are located and it has cut 2 fiber links to our host.

We do NOT know when the server will be back up since this incident is completely out of our hands.

If you'd like to follow the process please go to the following link:

My expectations are that there will be at least 12 hours of downtime.

Sorry for the inconvenience folks!
by edyyy at 10:57 PM
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The survival update!
Right after we launched factions server, I finally started updating the survival server. After countless hours of converting users to support name changes I finally finished! The update also includes new features.

  • Server is fully updated to 1.8 version, all of the features, items and mobs are fully working!
  • Plots now support name changes! Meaning, you are now able to change name without losing your plot on survival server!
  • New shop, no more annoying signs and countless clicking. Use /shop to open GUI menu or use /buy and /sell directly.
  • Private signs should now also support name changes, this means if you place a private sign and change your name. The sign should update too! (This haven't been tested, so let me know if it actually works.)
  • The /disguise is back!

Massive update for plots is coming soon! This includes both survival and creative servers.
by edyyy at 6:43 AM
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Some may have noticed that few days ago cowcraft website was taken down multiple times. Some user(s) have used exploit in a web server to take down the website because user(s) been banned from server.

I am glad to let you know the issues have been fixed, and thanks to them we now have improved website's security and protection.
More website updates and features will be coming soon!

We're sorry for the inconvenience and downtime. Shouldn't happen again :)
by skiborooster at 9:16 PM
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Hi everyone, As many of you know, we have been planning to reset the factions server for quite some time now. If you would like to see the reasoning for this, and the discussion / vote we all had about it please view this thread: Also a detailed version of all the exact changes will be posted below. But now lets get to the big news, and reason you are reading this post, the release date!

The new factions server will be released this Saturday, May 23rd at 11:00 AM Pacific Daylight Timezone. (We will do announcements in-game as well when the server is released)

Here is a list of all the changes being implemented unto the new factions server. I will do my best to explain every detail, but this will be hard, as basically everything has changed in some small way. The entire economy has been reformed witch requires everything to be re-made and re-thought. Lets start off with the...
by aaomidi at 8:15 PM
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Due to the really huge signatures some people have, the max height of signatures has been lowered to 150 Pixels.
by edyyy at 1:35 AM
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Sneak peak of a new upcoming factions server!
by aaomidi at 10:13 PM
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Hey CowCraft!

While doing our staff stuffs we came across this idea. Creating competitions for each month's best builds! We weren't sure how the community would feel about this so we want to bring the question to you, would you like this?

The system would be like our "applications" system, you send us screenshots and coordinates of your build and if it gets approved (we want to stop spam sorry) you get into that month's applications! After that we'll pick 5 builds voted on the most from the list of the builds and then create a final poll between the top 5 to see who wins that months building competition!

For incentives we will probably have free ranks/cowcoins.

Let us know what you think about this and if you have any other ideas on how to pick the winners!
by skiborooster at 12:11 AM
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Hi everyone, Edy, skiborooster, and BlueFanta136 here.

Before you read the topic of this and start to panic, we would like to stress that NONE of this is official yet, and this is just food for thought. We would like you all to consider this: almost everyone who plays now says that old faction server was more fun than the current Cowcraft factions. And the reason for this, was that we had A LOT more players. We can achieve this again, however we believe that it involves disabling tnt, and making the factions server a great deal simpler.

Back in 2012, as some of you know it was nothing but a factions server. At this point in time the server was thriving, we had a large, loyal player base, and all of the aspects of factions were perfect. Fast forward a bit to 2013 and things were still rolling along, however many of the “veterans” were unhappy with the server. They felt that compared to the other,...
by edyyy at 9:22 PM
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  • Now fully supports 1.8
  • Now supports new blocks and items
  • Supports name changes, meaning you won't lose ranks or stats if you change your username
  • Leaderboard is back, now uses heads too!
  • You are now able to use flint and steel
  • You are now able to break blocks such as leaves
  • Able to check other player's stats by using /sg stats [username]
  • Now shows KDR in /sg stats
  • Sadly had to reset stats because of new 1.8 update