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Prison will launch February 12th at 4 PM CET

Long awaited prison server is here!
Our prison server is a bit different from all other prison servers out there.
Here is a quick tutorial of our prison server:

When you join you will spawn near two NPCs, Auction and Ranks. Right click Auction NPC to open the menu with all items being auctioned. You can sell and buy items from here.
The second NPC is ranks, right click to open menu with a list of all perks donor ranks has.

Default mine
This is the first mine you will mine in to get Water 1 rank. All of the information on how to teleport, sell blocks and rankup can be found on the right side of your screen.

There are two types of crates, vote crate and mystery crate. To obtain vote crate key, you will have to vote. To obtain mystery crate key, you will have to either donate or receive it in event on prison.

PvP arena
There is nothing...
by Edy at 12:01 AM
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Prison beta test 2 is now live!
This version of prison is going to be very similar to the final version of prison once it launches.

PvP is now fully enabled, however you shouldn't lose any gear or items. Only blocks you have mined.
Donor ranks are now live too! You can get them here

There might be some issues we still don't know about, which is why we're doing this test before actual launch. So please report any issues you find!

Everything will reset once test 2 is over!
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Voters of the month!

Walkingpokecraft - $30 coupon
washere88 - $20 coupon
Kindoe - $10 coupon

You should get your coupon code in the mail on hub server
The tag reward has been also fixed for everyone that reached 50 votes
by Edy at 4:47 PM
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These are some of the big changes this month:

  • Fixed /fly in /ccshop
  • Fixed issues with new MooTags plugin
  • New chat plugin which now allows us to show information whenever you hover over a name in the chat. This is now implemented into every server on network.
  • Fixed nicknames issue
  • Now using MooPermissions instead of zPermissions. We had some issues with our custom permissions plugin at very start, but those are all fixed now.
  • Plots will now get deleted if user is inactive for more than 6 months
  • You can now view peoples plots amount when hovering over a name in chat
  • Everyone is now a baby cow and staff are mushroom cows

We have originally started a prison server with mostly public plugins, but after testing it in beta for a week we have noticed that they suck a lot. So we made our own custom prison plugins to do exactly what we wanted.

Please keep in mind,...
by Zenexer at 3:22 AM
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I've been hard at work on a new system to detect cheaters/hackers and remove them from the network. This feature is still very much in its infancy and needs a lot of work before we can rely on it as our sole method of detecting abuse. To finish it, we need your help!

Whenever I add a new algorithm, it's usually too sensitive. This leads to false positives. A false positive is when the plugin accuses someone of cheating when they are actually playing legitimately. Slow internet connections and computers often increase the rate of false positives. Whenever one of these false positives occurs, please post a report in this thread. Be sure to note:
  • The username you had at the time
  • The date and time the issue occurred--be sure to note your timezone as well
  • The server you were on
  • The exact message you received when you were kicked
  • What you were doing; if you were PvPing, what sort of technique were you using?
  • Whether this has happened before; if so,...
by Edy at 10:12 PM
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If you have noticed, we have been implementing new chat into all of the servers. You can now hover over a username in the chat to make small info box pop up.

The one thing I dislike about towny's chat is, it takes a huge amount of space in the chat. It's harder to see messages and just always looks so crowded.
With the new chat we can remove the nation, town and surname in the chat and use the info box instead. It would make chat look at lot cleaner.

This is the info box I am talking about:

You simply hover over the name and you get all of the information you will ever need. However, players may dislike this idea so I will make a vote.

ALL of the alternatives will still have the info box pop up.
by Edy at 3:30 PM
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some of you have noticed a large amount of issues on the network recently. I just wanted to let you all know, we're fully aware of the issues and are working on fixing them all as soon as possible!

In meantime, you can report and issues you're currently having and we will deal with them as soon as possible!

The reason why this is happening in first place, is because we have made massive changes to the network with lots of improvements that didn't really go the way we planned.

All of the issues should be fixed by today.
by Edy at 10:58 PM
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You may wonder what exactly is Trello? Short and simple answer would be "a To-Do list". I personally have searched for a good to-do list for awhile.

Before we moved to Trello, we used Producteev. Which is a really great to-do list with a huge amount of functionality. The main reason why we moved was because Trello offers option to make you to do lists public!
We can now allow other people see the progress and all current tasks. One of the best features is you can up vote a task in the list to let us know which tasks we should prioritize.

You can find our Trello page here
You will be able to select a board and see all of its tasks. Once you click on a task, you will be able to vote for it. On the right side you can see a lot of options, such as filters.

Every task has a label such as server name or some other topic. You can simply click on one of the labels to sort all of the tasks.
by Edy at 6:57 PM
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Prison is finally here! Well... almost!

There have been some big changes to the server which include lots of pvp. If you're not a fan of pvp, don't worry. If you die you won't lose your gear until you prestige.

There's going to be a lot more details posted after the testing is over! We're planning on launching prison server by the next week.

In the test run you may get a really OP pickaxes to make the rankup process a lot faster for testing purposes. You will NOT get such OP gear once the server launches.

Testing will start tomorrow / 15.01.2016 at 6 PM CET. EVERYTHING will RESET once the server launches.
by PixelDagos at 5:42 AM
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My account got compromised this evening and whoever was responsible went and banned a lot of users on the forum and made a post saying things that weren't true. This is not of my doing and fortunately not what we are doing to the servers.

I also apologize for some of the very rude comments that were posted, I promise you I am a very nice and professional person haha!

The damage has been undone and everything should be back in order!


The CowCraft Network has been out for about 3 years now. We have great servers, and a great community. Almost all our plugins are custom made by our own developers! There are so many things you can do here at CowCraft. We have a wide range of servers, but are planning to add many new ones as well! If you are new to our network we hope to see you join our community!

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