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by Edy at 10:32 PM
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Lots of fixes and changes for the new factions server!

  • KoTHs are now fully automated and will start by itself. There's going to be 6 KoTHs each day, one each 4 hours. The KoTHs will also rotate so no same maps at specific times.
  • Water and lava buckets are now stackable
  • Supporter and Elite now has access to /kit armor1 and armor2.
    Armor1 provides prot1 with sharp1
    Armor2 provides prot2 with sharp1
    This means higher rank armor kits were bumped to armor3, armor4 and armor5
  • Border knockback has been reduced
  • You now lose power if you're offline. 0.01 each day, might bump it up in future. Currently just testing.
  • Increased enemy /fly detection to 150 blocks
  • Changed obsidian price
  • Diamonds are now sellable in shop
  • Added potions section in shop
  • Fixed bug with KoTH scoreboard getting stuck
  • Now able to place water in nether
  • Added Blacksmith to fix your enchanted items with a set prices. (for titans and up). We had to either set a cooldown or a...
by skiborooster at 7:18 PM
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In honor of the factions reset today, all bans have been reset!
I know this may make some people angry, but it also allows people to come back who have been banned for a very long time. Good luck in the reset eveyone!
by Edy at 3:24 AM
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Factions are going to be finally launching this Friday, 12 August,

  • Added end with bedrock layer
  • Added custom nether
  • Added multiple new KoTHs
  • Added two new ranks
  • Added new custom enchants
  • Added tnt fill, makes it easier to fill dispensers with tnt
  • Added cannon examples in info area
  • Added custom enchants and basic commands info
  • Added crates
  • Made big changess to spawn
  • Removed custom loot drops
  • Bans reset
  • Huge amount of fixes and tweaks
This isn't the full list of new changes and additions, but it covers all noticeable changes. We're also adding back fac wars and 1v1 arenas with leader boards. However, that's not going to be added at the launch of factions.

Here are some images from factions server:

Spawn with few edits


by Edy at 10:07 PM
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Thank you for helping us test factions, we have learned a lot and will be changing big amount of things. The response wasn't exactly what we expected. There were a lot of confusing and complex features which will be improved upon.

The feedback really helped a ton, our original idea was reshaped into something new that everyone will enjoy. This is a list of things that have been already changed in beta 2. The list will be a lot longer once factions actually launches.
  • Optimized TNT for the cannons, we been testing a lot of different cannons and it seems like all of the most important cannons are working flawlessly. The cannons are using 1.7 mechanics.
  • Added TNT Fill for filling up dispensers with TNT easier
  • Added flying, you will be only able to fly in your claims and if there's no neutrals or enemies in a specific radius. This will help a lot when building big cannons and bases
  • Added crates
  • Optimized anti cheat
  • mcMMO stats will be tracked...
by Edy at 12:44 AM
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This is the final beta test before actual launch. These are the changes that were made since beta.

  • Added factions chat
  • Removed tree feller plugin
  • Added KoTH warp and timer into scoreboard
  • Tweaked some plugin message colors
  • Creepers now do block damage
  • Fixed the bug with villager at spawn
  • Removed few custom enchants
  • Went back to minecraft version 1.8. We're now accepting all clients from 1.8 and up.
  • Added /xp command
  • Factions power now generates faster
  • Mobs now stack to prevent lag from entities
  • Fixed bug that made users crash from specific items
  • Tweaked drop chances for loot
  • TNT now explodes on offline enemy claims
  • TNT now breaks obsidian with 4 hits
  • Added pvp logger
  • Reduced /near from 200 blocks to 100 blocks
  • Tweaked starter kit
  • Updated all of rank kits
  • Added /warp wild (not part of beta 2)
  • Fixed issue with spawners turning into pig spawners
  • Added coal to shop
  • Tweaked mcmmo settings
  • Fixed some...
by Exabit at 12:54 PM
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1. LizChlops

$30 coupon
2. astrinka95
$20 coupon
3. abe_danger
$10 coupon

The rewards will be sent to your inbox on website.
by Edy at 11:05 PM
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Been listening to feedback and all of mistakes made in beta. Here is the list of upcoming changes:
  • Adding factions chat (forgot to add it)
  • Removing tree plugin which helped you cut down trees (we had some big issues with it)
  • Faster power regen
  • Adding scoreboard for KoTHs overview, like timer and coords. This means current factions stats that are on the side will have to be disabled until developer of KoTH plugin makes it compatible with current stats.
  • Fixing regions in caves area and disabled fall damage so users would be able to jump down right into pvp without taking fall damage
  • Making current factions more noob friendly
  • More items in ccshop
  • Removing some of custom enchants
  • Adding explanation for gems and custom enchants
  • Hopefully fixing bug which breaks enchantment books that have been affected by black scrolls
  • More items in starter kit
  • Fixing tnt issues with faction areas
  • Enabing creeper damage
  • Tweaking chances for custom loot...
by Edy at 11:09 PM
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The long awaited factions beta launch! First thing first, nothing is final. We expect to change and tweak a ton of things before the launch of factions.

Factions server is currently running 1.9 with 1.7/1.8 combat. We have plugins that can tweak a massive amount of options related to combat. Pretty much anything you can imagine related to combat. If majority of players don't like the current setup, we will switch to 1.8 on the launch.

Please give us feedback here

What you can expect in beta:
  • /f top shows the worth of a faction
  • Scoreboard with basic factions information
  • Two KoTH locations
  • Auto lapis for enchantment tables
  • Ability to deposit money into a bank note using /bank [amount]...
by Deniability at 1:07 AM
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Factions is coming! Make your opinion known! Click here!

We want to make this our best factions release ever and to do that one of the most important things we can do is cater to you, our players. To do that we need to know what you want! If you have any intention of playing our factions release, respond to this post with your opinions on what I've listed below and what you want to see. I'll read and note every reply so we can make sure factions heads in the direction players want.​

Factions Plugin
- Which factions plugin do you want implemented?

  • Legacy Factions - The same factions plugin we all know and love, all the default and basic commands.
  • Factions 2.0 - A revamp of Legacy Factions, much more detailed commands, many more options. Factions 2.0 allows for a high degree of customization when it comes to faction permissions. You are able to differ between each...
by Avaryan at 6:04 AM
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  • A new welcome message when joining the KitPvP server.
  • Upon exiting a duel, players should now receive the armour/inventory that they had prior to entering the duel.
  • A 15 second combat timer has been introduced to prevent players from abusing /duel to escape combat.
  • Duration of the Strength Buff has been reduced slightly.
  • Armour/Weapons are no longer breakable via rapid attacking.
  • Being damaged by a Monster or doing damage to a Monster no longer generates errors in the console (not really relevant to players).
  • A long-standing issue with teleportation to the duel arena has been resolved.
  • Players are no longer sent to the 'hub' world upon server login. That was a temporary fix to prevent the invisibility glitch from occurring. That has now been fixed.


The CowCraft Network has been out for about 3 years now. We have great servers, and a great community. Almost all our plugins are custom made by our own developers! There are so many things you can do here at CowCraft. We have a wide range of servers, but are planning to add many new ones as well! If you are new to our network we hope to see you join our community!

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