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by Edy at 11:09 PM
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The long awaited factions beta launch! First thing first, nothing is final. We expect to change and tweak a ton of things before the launch of factions.

Factions server is currently running 1.9 with 1.7/1.8 combat. We have plugins that can tweak a massive amount of options related to combat. Pretty much anything you can imagine related to combat. If majority of players don't like the current setup, we will switch to 1.8 on the launch.

Please give us feedback here

What you can expect in beta:
  • /f top shows the worth of a faction
  • Scoreboard with basic factions information
  • Two KoTH locations
  • Auto lapis for enchantment tables
  • Ability to deposit money into a bank note using /bank [amount]...
by Deniability at 1:07 AM
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Factions is coming! Make your opinion known! Click here!

We want to make this our best factions release ever and to do that one of the most important things we can do is cater to you, our players. To do that we need to know what you want! If you have any intention of playing our factions release, respond to this post with your opinions on what I've listed below and what you want to see. I'll read and note every reply so we can make sure factions heads in the direction players want.​

Factions Plugin
- Which factions plugin do you want implemented?

  • Legacy Factions - The same factions plugin we all know and love, all the default and basic commands.
  • Factions 2.0 - A revamp of Legacy Factions, much more detailed commands, many more options. Factions 2.0 allows for a high degree of customization when it comes to faction permissions. You are able to differ between each...
by Avaryan at 6:04 AM
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  • A new welcome message when joining the KitPvP server.
  • Upon exiting a duel, players should now receive the armour/inventory that they had prior to entering the duel.
  • A 15 second combat timer has been introduced to prevent players from abusing /duel to escape combat.
  • Duration of the Strength Buff has been reduced slightly.
  • Armour/Weapons are no longer breakable via rapid attacking.
  • Being damaged by a Monster or doing damage to a Monster no longer generates errors in the console (not really relevant to players).
  • A long-standing issue with teleportation to the duel arena has been resolved.
  • Players are no longer sent to the 'hub' world upon server login. That was a temporary fix to prevent the invisibility glitch from occurring. That has now been fixed.
by Edy at 3:01 PM
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Long awaited factions server!
We have made a big progress in the past week. The reason this is taking so long is because I want something unique. Setting up and launching average factions server isn't that hard and I feel like it wouldn't be as fun for players.

Big issue with factions server is the end game, any faction server is fun at the start. But what do you do when you have everything? My goal was to add as much end game as possible and try to be unique at the same time.
This is what we got so far:

Unique items
Mobs are now going to drop randomly generated items. Name, enchants, enchant level are going to be all randomly generated. There's currently four tiers of these items, common, rare, epic and legendary. The higher tier the better chance to get your perfect item.

[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

The socket slots are also random, they are rare but if...
by Edy at 12:13 AM
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Wanted to know what kind of world type we should use for upcoming factions.
by Edy at 9:48 AM
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Few quick updates,
You can now vote while being offline, for this I had to change how rewards worked. You will be no longer receiving rewards such as crate keys by default. Instead you will be only getting cowcoins which you can spend on rewards in /ccshop. I have changed common key price from 10 to 2 cowcoins, that way you're still able to get two common keys if you vote twice.

Pets are now fully working, anyone that had bought a pet should be able to use commands such as /pet [pet name] to spawn it in.

New map has been added to kitpvp. Lots of boring server side things have been fixed.
by Edy at 11:57 PM
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Haven't posted any updates in awhile, been busy with other projects and also real life. I do realize server seems pretty dead but I have a huge amount of updates planned. It's just matter of how long it's going to take to actually do them all.

I am already in progress of redoing whole hungergames server, there's a huge amount of things that are broken and needs to be fixed. Some of new features are going to be kits, bounties, new maps and more.

Prison is going to be redone from scratch too, my idea for prison didn't really work out for long term but it was pretty interesting. We already have about 30 new unique mines that are unused sitting on dev server. To implement them I will have to redo whole ranking system and pvp.

Factions is the next top priority after fixing some of really broken things on network, there's already a huge factions spawn ready along with custom world. We're trying to make a unique factions instead of copying others like most of factions servers do. We...
by Edy at 6:05 PM
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1. MooshroomGod
$30 coupon
2. KaiChlops
$20 coupon
3. ShyoftheNight
$10 coupon

The rewards will be sent to your inbox on website.
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Towny map is back! However, it will be no longer tracking players, towns or updating if you build or break blocks in-game.

The main reason I didn't want to add Towny map at first, is because of the amount of data it has to store. I also didn't like the idea of showing everyone's location. Both of those issues have been solved.

You can find Towny map by clicking here
by Edy at 7:30 PM
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Official launch date: Thursday, 7 April. 3:00 PM CEST

Plans have changed, we will be launching Towny beta instead of official launch. There are a lot of things that need to be tested before we can officially launch it. The beta will last three days!

Sorry if some of you get upset over this but we do need to test it with live players to make sure nothing goes wrong when we actually launch. In the beta we will be giving out a ton of free crate keys and other free stuff for test purposes. You won't be able to keep any of rewards once server actually launches.

Hope you understand this last second decision.


The CowCraft Network has been out for about 3 years now. We have great servers, and a great community. Almost all our plugins are custom made by our own developers! There are so many things you can do here at CowCraft. We have a wide range of servers, but are planning to add many new ones as well! If you are new to our network we hope to see you join our community!

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