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We're sorry for the spam! The idea was to execute a broadcast command whenever someone donated, however there seemed to be a bug in the plugin that made broadcast spam multiple times whenever someone donated. Thankfully @Zenexer was online to solve the issue.

Again, I am really sorry about this and will make sure to test it next time.
by edyyy at 12:11 AM
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We decided to create a CowCraft community group chat on Telegram. If you never heard of Telegram before, it's a chat based program which doesn't suck. Telegram is 100% free with zero ads, all of messages are encrypted and it is impossible to get your IP from it *cough* skype.

For more information about Telegram, visit .It is available on pretty much any device you can think of. The Telegram chat will mainly contain staff members and community members, this is meant to be a fun and social chat.

Anyone can join CowCraft chat using this link:

Telegram will request for your phone number, keep in mind. No one will be able to see your phone number, unless you add someone as a contact on telegram!
by firedaggersnoob at 9:37 PM
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Hey CowCrafters.

I'm here to elucidate the staff application process to anyone interested. So let's start.

Time zone:
  • Pretty self explanatory, make sure you put a recognizable time zone. (Central Time, UTC+5, etc.)
Real name:
  • You may enter your full name, your first name, or even your nickname. This does not significantly factor into your application decision.
Skype Username:
  • Here, we're asking for your username, not your name on Skype.
  • For example, if your username is joe.bob10, but your name on Skype is Joe Bob, please enter joe.bob10.
  • Define the words to the best of your abilities. We do not expect you to know these words, and if you google them and rephrase them in your application, we are fine with that.
  • Blatant copying from any webpage will result in an automatic denial.
  • Please know how to take screenshots,...
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It's been awhile since the last patch, however we have been working pretty hard to improve servers! We have recently added a new minigame server, paintball!

That being said, VIP ranks have majorly changed. As most of you know, skywars ranks are now synchronized with paintball. Meaning, if you earn a rank on paintball. You will also earn it on skywars or any other minigame on cowcraft! HG is considered as a minigame, so the ranks for it will be coming soon!

Anyways, VIP rank is now going to be global across minigame servers. I am sure you will have some questions about this, so let me answer few of them.

What happens with users that already bought VIP?
All of current VIPs have been upgraded to global VIP status, you should now have VIP on paintball, skywars and hunger games.

Will price change?
Yes, current VIP price is $14.99. The price will go up by $5 as we add new minigame servers.

Will I have to pay extra for VIP once new minigames are added?
No, all of...
by edyyy at 2:10 AM
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New creative rank! Click on the thread to see all of the new perks!
35% sale for limited time!

There were a lot more changes than listed here, I just didn’t note all of them and forgot about it.

  • Lots of new designs and improvements for cowcraft store page

  • Skywars ranks will be now used for all of current and upcoming minigames. This means if you get a rank up on a minigame, you will rank up on all of minigames instantly

  • All donors are now able to "/plot set home" to set their home location on plot
  • Advanced redstone has been enabled again

  • Custom world generator, this means there are going to be generated custom biomes with hidden loot
  • The nether should now also reset every week
  • Donors are now able to create disposal signs

  • Fixed donor heads
by firedaggersnoob at 12:55 AM
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Hello CowCraft players! Hope you're all having a great time on the server.

We are in the process of adding and improving kits on Hunger Games. We felt that the community should have a say in what kits should be added, so if you have any suggestions, post them below!


1. Kit name.
2. What armor (if any)?
3. What sword (if any)?
4. Any additional items?

Any off topic posts will be removed.
by edyyy at 1:34 AM
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New forums design is finally here!

There are two versions of this new design, light and dark. The default is light version, but you're always able to change it to dark version by scrolling down to the bottom of page and click little box at the right side.

There may be some small issues with dark theme and if you find any, let us know!
by Avaryan at 6:38 AM
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  • Added UUID support. You should now be able to change your character name without losing your stats.
    • Make sure to login to KitPvP server BEFORE you switch your name so that the server records your information.
  • Changed the /speed buff from Speed 1 to Speed 2.
  • Reduced the Speed buff's active time from 8 minutes to 5 minutes.
  • Reduced the Strength buff's active time from 5 minutes to 3 minutes.
  • The Scoreboard on the SideBar is once again a permanent fixture. It does not disappear randomly.
  • Removed custom colored name tags. These interfered with the Scoreboard.
  • Fixed/Re-added dueling.
by edyyy at 3:35 PM
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  • Added announcement messages
  • You can now see heads of latest donors in spawn
  • Fixed redeem mcmmo issue with players getting free credits
  • Fixed combattag
  • Fixed major lag on skyblock, main reason why it was lagging was because of hoppers. You may notice that hoppers are now working a bit slower, however it transfers larger amount of items at once.
  • Disabled enderpearls in spawn
  • Disabled pets in spawn
  • Fixed arrows, you couldn't buy them before
  • Fixed plot issue, players were able to build on slabs on two sides of plot
  • Added players are no longer able to change flags, only owner of plot is able to set and change flags
by edyyy at 6:40 AM
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These changes / updates are pretty old because I forgot to actually post them on website. However few of the changes are pretty recent.

  • Fixed few staff commands


  • Fixed error message spam when standing on pressure plates
  • Hopefully fixed the redstone lag
  • We're now allowing you to drop items again, mainly because our custom plugin now prevents all god items which some caused user to disconnect from server
  • Added /ci or /clearinventory for all users to easily clear whole inventory
  • Removed survival mode flag, I am still looking into alternatives to keep this flag while preventing the death traps
  • Disabled spectate mode which allowed users to force tp to others
  • You are now able to place minecarts
  • Mob spawning was enabled but is now temporarily disabled due lag issues. Will be re-enabled once server is stable enough

  • Added 50 in-game money reward for voting


The CowCraft Network has been out for about 3 years now. We have great servers, and a great community. Almost all our plugins are custom made by our own developers! There are so many things you can do here at CowCraft. We have a wide range of servers, but are planning to add many new ones as well! If you are new to our network we hope to see you join our community!

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