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This thread is going to be dedicated for upcoming factions updates and suggestions. Please also vote for TNT or no TNT for upcoming update. Survival will be coming out before factions.
by Edy at 11:36 AM
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Next big update is going to be focused on nostalgia and the old cowcraft. Meaning, factions server with that old awful wool spawn in a cave. For many past updates of factions I been trying to do something new and better, but this time focus is going to be on the old factions with few additions such as koth. However, tnt is going to be enabled since I can't see factions being successful without tnt.

The point of this thread is to get suggestions for what makes a server nostalgic and what you would like to see. Suggestions are not limited to factions server, I just took that as a example since it the oldest server.
by Edy at 10:55 AM
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We have now moved to a new host, we took down servers without any notice because of the limited time we had left on old host. I am sorry for the downtime this has caused.
by Edy at 7:25 PM
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Every server on CowCraft should now accept all clients from 1.6 to 1.11. Be aware that there could be some issues or even crashes when using 1.6 and 1.7 clients. In theory all clients from 1.4 and up should be accepted, but I have only tested 1.6 and up personally.

Creaitve, towny and skyblock are currently running on 1.11. While factions and kitpvp are running on 1.8, we're going to keep all of pvp based servers on 1.8 while the rest will be constantly updated to the latest minecraft version.

The next step will be cleaning up files of each server which will result in updating and fixing servers a lot faster in future. After that's done, survival server will launch once again. Factions and towny will reset, towny will be pretty much the same other than new world. As for factions, we will be going more into factions vanilla direction. Meaning there will be no features such as custom enchants.

More info about survival launch and resets will be posted as I get closer to them.
by Edy at 10:20 PM
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Hi, I am back. As many have noticed, I kinda quit minecraft because I got tired of it and because of school. However, I did miss the people yelling at me and being upset about factions.

Currently I am working on redoing whole cowcraft and the way servers work / are setup. It may not be visually impressing as you may not even notice the massive changes, but it will definitely make my life a lot easier managing servers. It should also make servers a lot more stable.

The current plan is to add support for client versions all the way from 1.7 to 1.11.2. Most of the servers are going to stay at 1.8 but creative may be updated to higher version. Pvp based servers are going to stay at 1.8 with support of 1.7 clients.

The other part of the plan is to actually fix broken servers. All of this is already in progress!!! Also minez aka cowz is coming back with the old old map!! The towny and factions servers are planned to reset. As for factions, we won't be doing any more "fancy" stuff....
by Exabit at 7:37 PM
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Hi everyone, sorry for the late post this month! These votes aren't from today but rather from a few nights ago, closer to the actual September closing date. To make up for being late, we're giving out four coupons rather than the usual three.

1. KaiChlops

$30 coupon
2. PatMinecraft88
$20 coupon
3. MrWhydoicare
$10 coupon
3. TommyToe26
$10 coupon

The rewards will be sent to your inbox on website.
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Sorry for taking this long to post this thread, there will most likely be more polls in future depending on the suggestions this thread receives. Here is the first poll:

Feel free to suggest and discuss anything for the new factions reset.
by Edy at 6:44 PM
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We're currently working on setting up google forms polls to give community full power of deciding what kind of factions we should have. We will be resetting factions once we get enough poll results, the google form for next factions reset should be finished next week.

We will be changing kits and trying to make factions more balanced. You will be able to vote for what type of factions you want as soon as poll goes live.

Meanwhile, I will be launching survival server pretty soon as it's been down for a long time now. It's not nearly as complex as factions so it shouldn't take long before it goes live. We will be also resetting Towny and trying to make it more balanced. There are no set dates, but I will try to post updates more often.

HungerGames are in need of major fixes too. We will be redoing whole server, adding more features and maps. Our current goal is to update and fix all of the broken servers.

Thank you for your patience.
by Exabit at 12:44 AM
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1. intermittents

$30 coupon
2. MrWhydoicare
$20 coupon
3. BryIsHere
$10 coupon

The rewards will be sent to your inbox on website.
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Lots of fixes and changes for the new factions server!

  • KoTHs are now fully automated and will start by itself. There's going to be 6 KoTHs each day, one each 4 hours. The KoTHs will also rotate so no same maps at specific times.
  • Water and lava buckets are now stackable
  • Supporter and Elite now has access to /kit armor1 and armor2.
    Armor1 provides prot1 with sharp1
    Armor2 provides prot2 with sharp1
    This means higher rank armor kits were bumped to armor3, armor4 and armor5
  • Border knockback has been reduced
  • You now lose power if you're offline. 0.01 each day, might bump it up in future. Currently just testing.
  • Increased enemy /fly detection to 150 blocks
  • Changed obsidian price
  • Diamonds are now sellable in shop
  • Added potions section in shop
  • Fixed bug with KoTH scoreboard getting stuck
  • Now able to place water in nether
  • Added Blacksmith to fix your enchanted items with a set prices. (for titans and up). We had to either set a cooldown or a...


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