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Global Rank Maintenance
AfterMidnight116Admin posted 1 week 2 days ago.
Hey Everyone.
As most of you have noticed, global ranks are currently down and we are hard at work on getting ranks up and running again as soon as possible. We have a record of everyone who donated so your ranks are not lost, please do not worry about that. Once the issue is fixed, all donation ranks and perks will be restored. We're very sorry for the inconvenience, hang in there fellow cows! 

EDIT: If you are still missing your donation ranks, follow this link and post here! Please do not post a new thread regarding a missing rank.
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CowCraft Network v2
edyyyOwner posted 2 weeks 5 days ago.


The reason I seemed pretty inactive is because a TON of things are going at the moment. From player point of view it might seem like network isn't getting any updates or fixes. However, there's a TON of planning and developing going on behind the scenes. Huge amount of fixes and updates will already come out after minecraft 1.7.6, the reason for that is mojang will now allow players to change their username which will break everything that has anything to do with usernames. So there is no point for us updating it and fixing servers right now as we would have to fix them all over again after 1.7.6 update.

CowCraft Network v2 is going to be the largest update ever in 2 years of running. Massive amount of fixes and new minigames / servers. Including new pvp server, towny, flappy bird, whole new minigame hub which will change everything and bring players together! Also a ton of fixes for ranks, pets and other little things.

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edyyyOwner posted 2 months ago.
Hello fellow cows!

So, some people might be wondering why I stopped posting changelogs of the server progression. The reason for that is we been working on some private projects and doing some major upgrades behind the scene. It might look like nothing has change from player's point of view, but lots have been done. 
The reason I am posting this is to let everyone know that I am still working on server and I will start posting changelogs again. When I get done with some really important updates I will move on to "PVP" project, this project has been private for awhile. The reason of this project is to fix all of current issues on pvp and add a ton more features, the goal is to bring back core features of the old pvp server. 
Another huge project is called "Minecraft mmorpg" this project has been in progress for few months now I am not going to tell anything more about it as it's far from even being called "alpha".
As for other servers, pretty big updates are in progress and some of them will be released on the weekend. Mob arena and pvp arena are also almost finished for survival server. 
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New ranks
edyyyOwner posted 2 months 2 weeks ago.
Hello everyone!
I been working on this for past 2-3 weeks and I think this is going to be a huge update for whole network. This update will have small bad sides but mostly good. 
So the way ranks work right now is a bit stupid, a month ago or so I did promise for global ranks to come but it never did. The reason for that is the plugin developer that was supposed to finish the plugin, never did finish it. So we were kinda left out there in the middle of transferring to global ranks. The ranks had been changed already but there was no plugin to have a fully working global ranks. So I did a temp fix which was a pretty stupid way of handling this and that's the main reason why sometimes people were having problems with ranks and pets. 

Now I am about to change ranks system for all of server but these three. Creative, Survival and PvP servers. These three servers will keep current ranks system and nothing will be change about it other than improving perks / changing rank names that make sense. ALL other servers will have ranks changed into global ranks, this means if you buy a rank in let's say HungerGames. You will get the rank on whole network instantly! The current ranks on servers will be turned into three, so all ranks on skyblock or minez will be turned into three main ranks. This means each rank will have more perks! Those three main ranks are Sapphire, Emerald and Ruby. 
ALL of current donors will get Ruby rank on whole network! The prices of ranks might seem a bit high, but if you look at prices that were before update and now, it's a lot cheaper with a lot more perks! The old highest global rank cost $99 and it was not global on all of the network, was also glitchy. The current highest global rank costs $79 and is 100% working on all of servers, the players of this rank will also get perks for all upcoming servers! All you have to do is pay once and you will get perks on whole network and all upcoming servers for life  
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